Freddie Mae Film5 is owned by Dontrece K  Knox and his two Cousins Perez , Chris Godfrey  . Dontrece Knox is the oldest grandson of 35 plus grand kids from Freddie Mae Knox .

Freddie Mae film5 producers has worked with Major Networks since 2006.  In which in 2004 the company got it's big break with their first Dvd film (New Orleans Exposed) Gainning national attention they held the number 1 spot over 3 six mafia Choices for 6 months. Ganning the tale of the tape in The Source Magazine.

 And breaking in Young Money artist (Lil Chuckie) on their second film (American Kids). Freddie Mae Film5 has produced over 10  dvd films and several Tv shows under Igotdis Videos and has now finally branch out to it's own destiny
 Since the early 2000's Freddie Mae film5  has been in the film industry. Bringing the harsh realities of the inner city right to your door step. Only the producers of Freddie Mae Film5 can go deep in the depths of the inner city and bring back the amazing footage that we capture.

With a super star celebrity line up each film packs a punch and goes into the minds of today's biggest music artist and producers. Dealing with today's Society, The community, todays Politics & more.

Networks & Shows

  B.E.T :  America Vs Hip Hop: 2006
  VH1 :  (Lil Wayne) Behind The Music: 2009
  History Channel : Gangland (Gotti Boys): 2011
  Nat Geo Kids : American Kids: 2010 

Stock Footage Available

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